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A look at Flint’s revised A-body flyer

Buick had a very good year in 1968. The storied division regained a competitive foothold across multiple markets with fresh styling, improved safety features, new engine packages, and a revised model lineup. These hardly qualified as groundbreaking industry developments, but it was enough to help Buick set a new Flint assembly line production record of 350,826 units (breaking a record of 309,946 from 1950). Combined with Buick’s other plants across the nation, the automaker built 673,655 cars—second best in division history (add Canadian production and output climbed to 698,454).

Among that run were the GS performance models. The nameplate welcomed an expansion, now comprised of the California GS (still little-known today, it was technically part of the Special Deluxe subseries), the GS 350—renamed from GS 340 released in mid-’67—and top-tier GS 400. This revamp coincided with a revised intermediate chassis enveloped by an equally new, curvaceous-yet-aggressive body. Collectively, 26,327 Gran Sports were built for 1968, which was roughly a 51-percent increase over ’67, prompting Buick—in part—to merely tweak the GS for ’69.

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